Release Info/credits
Chloe Morgan, a Vancouver DJ & singer/songwriter has finally unleashed her first 2022 single, “Taking Me There”! On March 25th, Chloe’s supporters and fans expressed a lot of love towards the singer’s new record as they were seen sharing it across all social media platforms.
Delivering an elevating soft-soul anthem, Chloé speaks on writing from a higher perspective with emotional intelligence. Shifting her audience perspective from darkness to light with God’s love being the heartbeat to her music and lyrical content. The song was written by Chloé Morgan, and produced by Tyler McCrary and Benjamin McCrary.

An inspirational melodic soul-pop sound with subtle synths and acoustic guitar track “Taking Me There,” showcases Chloé’s unique and diverse artistry sharing a powerful message of transition by letting go and finding liberation in a higher love from the Creator. Chloe shares “We are in a space and time in history where uplifting messages need to be exulted to lead humanity into a bigger and brighter future”.

We can see Chloé’s evolution as an artist as she continues to transcend into a higher dimension, more love, positivity, and all-around musical growth. If you are looking for heartwarming music with healing power vibes, “Taking Me There” will be sure to take you there!

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