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Third album ‘Mixed Emotions’ marks Chiron Loxton’s strongest material yet

‘Mixed Emotions’ is the latest and culminating album from Chiron Loxton, fusing themes from his last two albums as a nod back to his past and hint towards his future. This 24 track project is an invigorating view into some of the hottest trending sounds right now, as well as the tightest bars from the rapper, who establishes many sides of himself throughout. The start of ‘Mixed Emotions’ kicks off with a clear focus on Chiron Loxton’s lyricism, as he speedily works through lines about his progression, his unrelenting drive, and fast-paced lifestyle. There’s a real sense of diversity throughout this project, something that sets the album apart from his past projects and shows the versatility of this rapper. One highlight as we move through, is the effortless synergy between him and rappers from across the pond on tracks like ‘I’m With Everything’ (feat. IAM3AM), Came To Do (feat. Truent) and ‘Real One’ (feat. Lakeith Rashad), all tracks serving Trap sounds and contemporary Hip Hop beats. ‘Mixed Emotions’ also features Dance and Techno vibes in tracks such as ‘Party’, a track all about the initial attraction you experience with someone whilst out at a party; then later we hear ‘Untamed’, this song’s evil twin with a slower tempo and darker lyrical tones. We even get to hear Chiron Loxton’s more laidback style in tracks like ‘Take it Easy’, influenced by the trending Afrobeats rhythms. ‘Mixed Emotions’ is an in-depth look into the rapper’s memories, from letting go of everything and allowing the night to run wild, to sitting on a beach in the evening glow reflecting on your character. It’s fun, fresh, and incredibly stimulating, a direction we’re pleased to see Chiron Loxton head towards.

Hailing from humble Somerset, England, Chiron Loxton is a rising artist with an attitude and vision that sets him apart from many around him. He started out in creative writing as a kid, and soon moved into progressing himself as a music artist as he gained more confidence. Showing clear talent with each rhyme and flow over each Alt Hip Hop/Rap track, Chiron Loxton is set on developing his own sound whilst still respecting the genre. You can hear his journey since his debut in 2018, releasing two albums ‘After Hours’ (2020) and Out In The Trees (2021), and an endless stream of singles. It’s no secret that Chiron Loxton is an artist with an immense stamina and urge to progress. His last album received shining appraisal from the likes of Hip Hop Indie Music, RIDE Music and ANR Factory, and we can’t wait to see how he progressed with ‘Mixed Emotions’.

Logic, Kid Ink, G-Eazy, NF

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