Release Info/credits
This is my first ballad and I’m so proud of it. I wanted the song to represent losing something “perfect”. It’s a reflective song about how I gave too much of myself to someone, not realising I was worth more than how I was treated. It’s about friendship, love and pain. I hope people connect to the song whilst enjoying its subtle but rhythmic shifts and euphoric string arrangements. I have challenged myself and I think the track is beautiful. I am so excited to see the work of myself and my friends (some of whom I met touring the UK with Fisherman’s Friends the Musical) come to life. They’re incredible musicians and close friends who have absolutely nailed it.

Produced and Mixed by Joseph Rodwell
Mastered by: Nick – Old Cottage Audio
Visuals: Owen Stav
Strings: Hannah Cumming, Hazel Simmons
BVS: Georgina White, Jennifer Glatzhofer
Saxophone: Charlotte Ware
Recorded at: New Cut Studios, Bristol
Written and performed by: Caitlin Lavagna

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