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Brophy’s Law IRE/UK/DK release their all time favourite live track ”The Bachelor”, a strong traditional and authentic folk punk classic sound with an alternative edge. As the John Peel centre in the UK appropriately describes Brophy’s Law, ”Where the Pogues meet the Clash”. The release comes in good time for this years St.Patricks Day celebrations.

Brophy says he wrote this at the age of 18 in the shoes of Shane McGowen heavily influenced by growing up watching the Pogues performing in their glory days. They sang about the drink- ing holes of London and more drinking, a great recipe for this bar room classic ”The Bachelor” a song that paints a picture of a working class guy who’s surrenders his life to the devil in the jar, avoids marriage and drinks himself insane.

Brophy’s Law kick off January with this release and so far a couple of gigs in Denmark (Corona depending) including Amager Bio in Copenhagen on 12/05 for a realease concert.

If all goes well they will retain 2020’s festival appearances in DK/UK/IRE and will be off to Canada and touring the east coast into the States In August.

This single release follows the band’s recent release “The Record Collector” which was aired on BBC 6 Music and The Bachelor is already scheduled for rotation on Little Steven’s Under- ground Garage show in the States on SeriusXM satellite Radio.
“Whatever Happens – Happens Whatever” a motto they live by, lets see what happens!!!!!!!

St.Patricks Day maybe cancelled this year but “The Bachelor” will be lifting a glass or two
Bloke down the pub

If you like a drink you will love this song
Radio Six – Glasgow

“Where the Pogues meet the Clash”
John Peel Centre

“This album has a lot to offer for fans of Oysterband, The Saw Doctors, (the great) Runrig, and even the up-tempo moments of Al Stewart. And the Brophy boys enjoy tradition; they play tradition; and like the god Janus, they push tradition forward, while at the same January Man time, love all the tunes that were lovingly played in the folk-rock past.

Neil Brophy is one of the unsung heroes of music. With his thoughtful lyrics he should be recognized as one of our foremost singer songwriters. His new album ‘True Stories’ is his best work yet. It con- tains his cult classic ‘Record Collector’ a must listen for vinyl fans. Top Class!
Graham Jones – Author of the books ‘Last Shop Standing’ and ‘The Vinyl Revival and the Shops That Made it Happen’

“A breath of fresh air that will vibe any Festival. It’s obvious Brophy’s Law are a well travelled band with a fresh take on tradition, their eclectic deliverance is enough to take on any headline act”.
Reggie Roller M.B.E.

The “Record Collector “ that features on the album was originally a solo vinyl release by Neil Brophy and was championed by Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 Music. The band version of this will be released on Record Store Day 2020. Steve has also taken a shine to the new single “Nice To Know”and started playing it five weeks before release.

“This is one of the best records I have played this year, the whole album is outstanding, it’s fantastic, I can’t begin to tell you how fantastic it is”
Bernie Keith BBC Radio Northampton.
“They won the hearts and minds of the audience with their own brand of Celtic folk rock” –
Brian Harrington. Arlington Arts Center review

“Catchy Lyrics and infectious enthusiasm their new album True Stories is definitely worth seeking out!”
Mustard Finnegan – Shite & Onions