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“How Do You Feel” is from BlueNevada’s 2023 EP, “Moonlight Melon”.

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About the “How Do You Feel” video

Off their Moonlight Melon EP, BlueNevada’s “How Do You Feel” is a psychedelic-rock call to arms. Dusty Corbin’s voice and lyrics challenge listeners to question their frantic daily routines and return to a childlike mindset of fascination and acceptance. The confrontation and emotional expression mounts in soaring solos from Shannon while Alex Hess holds it all together with a driving bass groove. With the release complete, the song simmers out to open up space for the next transformative track on the EP.

The music video for “How Do You Feel” (directed by Roosevelt Harris Jr.) finds brothers Dusty and Shannon jamming out on the outskirts of Frederick. With an open sky behind them, they’ve exited the hectic scenes depicted in the song, able to breathe and objectively reflect on the madness of modern society. In separate scenes, the band performs a collective act of rebellion in the slithery city—graffitiing a wall with the song title, prompting passersby to question their cycles. BlueNevada implores the viewer to take some time and ask themselves: “How Do You Feel” today?

Director – Roosevelt Harris Jr.
Producers – Dusty Nevada Corbin, Shannon Blue Corbin, Roosevelt Harris Jr.
Director of Photography/Lead Cinematographer – Clinton Simpson
Cinematographer (Drone) – Shannon Blue Corbin
Editor/Motion Designer/Effects – Motion Edits: Emma Jhonson

Musicians: Shannon Blue Corbin (vocals, guitar, percussion), Dusty Nevada Corbin (vocals, guitar, piano/keyboard), Alex Hess (bass, back-up vocals), Phillip DiMercurio (drums), Autumn Spinner (back-up vocals).

Songwriters: Shannon Blue Corbin (BMI) and Dusty Nevada Corbin (BMI)
Producers: Shannon Blue Corbin, Dusty Nevada Corbin & Roosevelt Harris Jr..
Recorded @ Omega Studios.
Mixed & Mastered by Roosevelt Harris Jr.
(C) (P) Corbin Music Publishing, Ind. All Rights Reserved.

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