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Henric Blomqvist & Johan Mattjus are an exciting Acoustic Rock Duo that brings a unique blend of skillful guitar work, powerful vocals and a passion for storytelling through their music. With a diverse range of influences and a commitment to delivering memorable performances, this duo is making waves in the acoustic rock scene.

*Henric Blomqvist:*
Henric is a seasoned guitarist and songwriter known for his emotive playing style and rich musical background. Having collaborated with various artists and played in different bands, Henric brings a wealth of experience to the duo. His mastery of the acoustic guitar and soulful compositions form the backbone of their sound.

*Johan Mattjus:*
Johan, an accomplished vocalist with a dynamic range, complements Henric’s guitar work with his expressive and captivating voice. His ability to convey emotion through lyrics and melodies adds a compelling layer to their performances. Together with Henric, Johan creates a musical synergy that captivates audiences.

**Musical Style:**
Henric Blomqvist & Johan Mattjus delve into the realms of acoustic rock, infusing their music with elements of folk, blues, and classic rock. Their sound is characterized by intricate guitar arrangements, powerful vocals, and a commitment to creating an intimate connection with their audience.

The duo has released an full lenght album ”Right On Time” in 2023, showcasing their versatility and musical depth. Notable tracks include “Is This the Day,” “Ice Queen,” and “Dangerous Curves.” Each song demonstrates their ability to craft engaging, emotionally charged acoustic rock compositions.
The single ”Rollin’ Thunder was released in 2024.

**Live Performances:**
Henric Blomqvist & Johan Mattjus are known for their dynamic and engaging live performances. Whether performing in intimate acoustic settings or on larger stages, the duo captivates audiences with their musical prowess and genuine connection to the material. Their stage presence and chemistry create an immersive experience for listeners.
**Press Quotes:**
*”Blomqvist & Mattjus’ album “Right On Time” showcases the duo’s talent and persistence in faithfully recreating beloved songs that have left an indelible mark on music history. With their strong lead vocals and unwavering respect for each track, Blomqvist and Mattjus deliver acoustic rock songs that will transport listeners back to rock’s golden eras.” – Illustrate Magazine*

*”But the amount of effort the band has exerted to make these songs stand out pieces of self-contained music shows, and its results are mostly sublime. None of the songs are boring, and the sound never feels empty. And closing the album with the hearty cover of Kansas’s ‘Dust In The Wind’ is a sweet move that shows where the duo’s heart is really at. Right on Time is a solid release of solid acoustic songs from a solid duo of top-notch musicians.” – Rock Era Magazine*

**Upcoming Projects:**
Henric Blomqvist & Johan Mattjus are currently working on new material, with plans to release a full-length album in 2024 as a sequel to ”Right On Time”. The album promises to showcase their growth as artists while staying true to the essence of their acoustic rock roots. The first single ”Rollin’ Thunder” for the new album is out now (2024)

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Henric Blomqvist & Johan Mattjus are carving their path in the acoustic rock genre, captivating audiences with their authentic and soul-stirring performances. With a commitment to musical excellence and a passion for storytelling, this duo is set to leave an indelible mark on the acoustic music landscape.

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