Release Info/credits
Black Roots are releasing a new album on Friday 12th April 2024. This new set of 18 songs is co-produced with Colin McNeish. It is called ‘Roots’ and will become available in streaming and download formats across all major platforms.

The band feel that it is the right time to promote this release because it calls for Black people to recognise and discover their roots. It touches on many topics and sets out to reveal a few facts with the hope that they will come to light. Listen to it with an open mind and use it to develop a new perspective of self and mindset.

Inspiration for these songs, Jah know, arises from the injustices carried out by a few onto the many. Injustice yesterday, today, or tomorrow is still injustice. Pay attention to the issues around you, and when you listen to each song from the album you can see what each one is saying to you. They are all necessary in this time. One song doesn’t hold more value than another. Each is unique and stands out. Listen to them and see which is the highlight for you, but, in truth, they are all highlights just like the stars are the universe they are all important individually, but more so as the whole.

The album is all about origins and Black people’s origins began in Kemet. The title track ‘Roots’, emphasises this, which is why the album goes by this name. It speaks of Kemet, the original name for Egypt, a land of Black people, that was first inhabited by the Kushites, now known as Nubians, 5,000 years ago. This fact is disputed but evidence puts Africans in Kemet building pyramids and thriving culturally, politically, and economically.

Other songs focus on the turmoil that is going on around us. Look around and see how Mother Nature is crying out for peace and balance. But can it happen? It can with overstanding of oneself. This way there won’t be an unbalanced world to protect. The band hopes that this album will allow people to find that balance.

Musically, rhythmically, and vocally, Black Roots still hold to its core roots and values. But the band has evolved through its lyrics. You see this once again in this new album. The injustices of yesterday still show their face today, albeit in a different set of circumstances. Each situation is unique and forever changing, so the band changes in tandem with events to represent the voice of the oppressed.

The Scotch Bonnet, depicted in the cover art, is a hot chilli pepper that is common to the Caribbean and West Africa. It is a representation of humanity. Just as people vary in all parts of the globe and in different nations, so does the Scotch Bonnet pepper, with its green, gold, and red colourings. It is a pepper in every nation, and we all feed from the same tree.

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