Release info/credits
Wrong Captain is the next volume in the “Songs for the struggle” collection from Atari Pilot, a song about isolation and defiance, after the ship has gone down.

You nail yourself to the mast and
You pray that everything lasts
You just wanna know, hope floats
When the water rises
Coz it’s gonna rise

Devizine described the song as having…

“A unique pop sound…the sound is fresh, kind of straddling a bridge between space-rock and danceable indie”

Acoustic guitars give way to pounding bass and skipping beats, chanting vocals and electronic riffs, all at a BPM that matches the beat you pound the streets at…

“Take a deep breath and count to ten, sink to the bottom and rise again”

The artwork was created by talent writer/artist Steve Nelson who will be creating unique artwork for each Song for the Struggle as they are released.

The song has already received airplay and great feedback on the July episode of the independent podcast From Nick Tann called “Is this thing on?” available on Spotify and other podcasting outlets.

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