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Anna Cole, a skilled electropop artist hailing from North Carolina, puts her signature vocals front and center while musing on the resurgence of 80’s music and art, and is serving us up some fresh perspective. Her new single “Bodies in Motion” chronicles not just the mental journey but the physical experience of energy, movement, and rhythm. On this breeze of a tune, Anna has an air of excitement, and an uncanny sense of knowing what she wants when it comes to gaining audience confidence and helping them move their bodies to the rhythm.

“Don’t overthink it, don’t get stuck inside your head…we should keep on dancing till the day that we’re dead” is the mantra for this follow up record to her debut single ‘Boom Boom Bang’ on the European Submindie Records Label. Anna Cole’s glowing, gorgeous, sun-kissed vocals and tight harmonies deliver a breathtaking performance on the track. She skillfully bakes in some definitive 80’s flavor and influences into her mix in order to spice things up, which ultimately gets your ‘totally 80’s’ vibes flowing. Even the shyest of us will have our feet tapping to this one, and those easily made brave from this super-catchy melody will venture out onto the floor to show us their best moves. And that floor may be the office, break room, car, or shower. Anyone can do it!

It’s quite a refreshing sound when a pop artist injects the right amount of enthusiasm and 80’s nostalgia in a genre in need of an electrifying moment. Anna has previously released some great-sounding records including ‘Boom Boom Bang,’ but this new tune ‘Bodies in Motion’ sets her up on equal footing to the biggies of our day including Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga. The difference is Anna is still approachable as she rises in her popularity and can personally see and respond to her social media likes and comments. Anna states “I try to answer everyone who comments on my Instagram and Facebook” so if you get a response know it is from her fingertips.

‘Bodies in Motion’ releases worldwide on 25 July 2020, on Submindie Records across all digital media platforms. Anna invites you to join her online as she performs weekly live shows on her Instagram Live and Facebook Live. Find Anna Cole here: