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Uniquely historical context once again lights up the unrivaled and thoughtful sound of Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice, as their latest double-single release ADA presents the musings of a lesser-discussed yet hugely impactful historical figure.

Dedicated to mathematician and scholar Ada Byron, the project celebrates someone understood to have been the first programmer of human history, and makes fine use of vocals from Silvia Criscenzo to draw the listener in to this story.

The opening pop-rock arrangement balances warmth of keys and synth notes with a mellow rhythm and mildly distorted undertone, as colourful and energetic vocals guide us passionately through a long-form lyrical journey.

The style is unmistakable and unpredictable all at once – qualities renowned amidst the Andrea Pizzo creative corner. The easy funk-rock groove maintains a consistency underneath this outpouring of meandering melodies and details. It’s enjoyable throughout, yet the depth as ever promises a whole other layer of value within that experience.

ADA is fantastic, increasingly uplifting, gripping and enlightening, and the perfect title-track for this short yet striking release.

Second in line comes the fairly self-explanatory The Boys From Silicon Valley. Here we get a more electronic-rock ambiance of soaring synths and guitars, before that now familiar voice emerges for another almost freestyle-like progression and story that’s both informative and motivationally passionate.

The lyrics of both songs included in ADA were inspired by thoughts and quotes from the brightest minds of Silicon Valley, as well as linked to the ideas of philosopher Ayn Rand, “for whom human ingenuity and commitment are fundamental elements , necessary for the achievement of individual happiness.”

As is the way of Andrea Pizzo and The Purple Mice, music is both an escape from and confrontation with reality – unorthodox and unparalleled strengths that continue to appeal across a multitude of original singles and collections.

Something about this latest release though, the ADA song in particular as an opening moment, reaches out with both humanity and vastly impressive musicianship, to connect as a raw and emotive performance as well as a thought-provoking venture.

Absolutely unusual in the most wonderful way – something of an audio-theatre show with real, awakening and even actionable ideas. Well worth knowing about.