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Philadelphia based artist Able Heart is a singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer…

Since I was 15 I have struggled with drugs, addiction and depression, trying to escape the void I feel inside. In the beginning, everything seems so new and amazing. So I would glorify the lifestyle, and justify everything that came with it… In the end, I destroyed everything good I’ve ever had and hurt the people I loved most in this world. All I’ve ever wanted was the suffering to stop and the pain I bring to others to end. Trying to fight Anxiety, the highs of mania, lows of depression and constant withdraw it sometimes feels like there is only one way out… I know this is a lie but it seems impossible to find my truth.

I don’t expect everyone to get it or to understand where I am coming from. The only thing that has ever seemed to help me express how I feel inside is through my music. The things I talk about in my music and show in my videos is my outlet. It is my therapy where I can vent how I feel, without acting on these emotions in real life. To find who I am, I first need to be honest with myself. This is my truth…

– Able

The song “Whisper” coming out on 8/14/21 will be his first single that he is excited about sharing with the world and we are hoping you can help us achieve that.

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