Song info/credits
Written by Abdus S. M
Prod. Kayin

Abdus Da Man is back with a brand new single: We GoT the Alpha (Data Rap), produced by Kayin

December 2020 – Abdus Da Man is an artist with a focus on high-quality hip-hop and innovative data-rap music. His sound has a really unique combination of great melodies, and energetic hooks. A good example? His most recent studio release, We GoT the Alpha (Data Rap), captures Abdus Da Man’s abilities in a very seamless way.

We GoT the Alpha (Data Rap) is a very upfront and dynamic song, matching the artist’s astonishing performance with a very good production value. Abdus collaborated with producer Kayin to take this song to the next level, and the results are absolutely incredible. The sound of this excellent track is very dense and crisp, making for a well-rounded listening experience. The production certainly suits the vibes of Abdus Da Man as an artist, making for a very interesting feel.
The song immediately kicks off with a compelling introduction. The melodies start off simple and intimate, only to burst out in a very special groove.

Find out more about Abdus Da Man, and listen to We GoT the Alpha (Data Rap), which is currently available on the web.

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