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Aaron Brown has done a re-set. Was it Covid? Or was it simply the time? Or was it Pearl Brown (his mother) giving him a post-mortem nudge to “get on with it”?
So, you ask: who is Aaron Brown? Guitarist and composer Aaron Brown is Fu Bop Collective. Fu Bop is a collection of sounds that represents who he has become at this stage of his musical journey Aaron’s path has taken him into countless recording sessions and gigs as side man and collaborator with Roy Ayers, Onaje Allen Gumbs, Sharon Bryant, Larry Elgart Bi Band Daryl Washington, Marcus Miller, Carmen Lundy Freddie Jackson, Doc Powell, and many others. He continues to perform live with his wife, singer Linda Watson-Brown, drummer Gene Faffley and (need another name).
When you hit the play button and hear the new energy in this new music, you will smile right along with Aaron. You will nod your head to the beats pounded out by drummer Pete Belasco and stretch and moan along with saxophonist Dennis Johnson.

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